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*   ONSITE/LIVE BIDDING! All bills must        be paid in full the day of  
    the sale.  We charge a 5% Buyers 
    Premium on all purchases, but if you 
    pay by cash or check you will recieve
    a 5% discount.   We accept cash,check,
    and credit card (American Express, 
    Visa, Mastercard, and debit card). 
    Anton Auction Service does not issue
    refunds.  Your merchandise is bought
    "as is" "where is".

     buyer's premium on all bids. 

*   Our commission rate is 10% on items 
    over $250.00 and 20% on items under
    $249.00.  There is a $5.00 minimum
    charge per tag for items that sell 
    under $25.00.  Once the item brings
    over $25.00 there is just a flat rate of 
     20% or 10% depending on the above 

*   All consigner checks will be mailed           the THURSDAY
     following the auction.

*   You will be required to show a Drivers
    License upon getting a bidders card.

*   No guarantees on any item sold at the 
    auction.  Everything is sold "as is"  
    " where is".  Buyer is responsible from
    the time the auctioneer calls the item 
    sold.  We act as Commission agents
    only.  Examine merchandise carefully 
    before bidding.

*   LOADERS are available for unloading 
     consigners and loading buyers until 
     the Sunday after the sale free of 
     charge.  Anton Auction is free of any 
     of liability if equipment is damaged
     during loading.

*   No equipment is to be moved until 
    proper settlements have been made.

*   If you have any comments regarding
    any of the auctions you have attended,
    you are welcome to contact us David
    E. Anton, TX8172 at 512-398-9370 or
    Texas Auctioneers Association at 

*   NOTE:  There will be a $50.00 extra           commission for handling any titles,            charged to the seller! All vehicles must have a clear title registered in the name     of the person consigning it.  And all trailers must have a registration receipt, in the name of the person consigning it.